Zumba Journey with Sandra Sii

Ms. Sandra Sii, Founder of Zumba by Sandra Sii, is a professional Zumba Fitness Coach. She is passionate about coaching her students in cultivating regular exercise and heathy eating habits. Through her trials and errors in the past, she feels compelled to correct the myths and misconception of many regarding healthy living.

To better serve her students from all ages more effectively, Sandra is equipped with Zumba License for All Ages and Zumba Healthy Eating Coach License from Australia since August 2018. Since then, she has served more than 300+ students, conducted more than 500+ physical classes via more than 250+ songs. During the COVID-19 pandemic since March 2020, she has also moved her fitness coaching class to virtual sphere, offering more than 300+ online courses.

For years, Sandra spent most of her time and energy looking after family in addition to busying herself with her beloved job in IT. She soon realised she had been so busy with other people that she had forgotten about her own mental and physical health. One day, when she couldn’t bear to look at herself in the mirror, she realised that something had to be done. A snap decision to join the gym led her to a Zumba class. She felt happier after each class and ended up losing more than 10kg of excess weight as a bonus. From there, the idea of Zumba by Sandra Sii was born!

With her professional practice in Zumba and healthy eating program, she hopes to help more and more students to live happy, healthy, confident, energetic, and restful days.

Sandra’s Motivation

In the recent years, she experienced the grief of losing a few of her family members and relatives who suffered long-term chronic diseases.

She is fully aware of the importance of physical and mental health; thus, it becomes her great motivation to start up a health-related entrepreneurship. She believes in the natural healthy way for disease prevention.

The students who joined her fitness classes are mostly housewives and working ladies, range from 20 to 60 years old, from Malaysia and Australia.

Sandra’s Qualifications



Zumba Licenses & Trainings

  • Zumba® Fitness – Basic 1 & Basic 2 Trainings in Sydney, Australia
  • Zumba® Gold – Training in Adelaide, Australia
  • Zumba® Kids & Kids Junior – Training in Perth, Australia
  • Plate by Zumba® Coach – Online nutrition program training
  • Zumba® PRO SKILLS – Training in Singpore
  • Zumba® VIRTUAL PRO – Online Training
  • Zumba® SOCIAL MEDIA FOUNDATIONS – Online Training


Master of Computing and Information Technology

University of New South Wales, Australia


Master of Science in Computer Science

Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom

Current Jobs


Zumba Instructor

Licensed to Teach: Zumba® Fitness, Zumba® Gold, Zumba® Kids & Kids Junior, Plate by Zumba® Nutrition Program

  • Burn Baby Burn Studio, Level Up Express Fitness Centre, AEON MALL
  • Vivacity Jazz Suites Apartment Gym Room (Closed during CMCO Malaysia until further notice)


Senior Website Technical Support Engineer

My Dental Marketing and Wellsites in Sydney, Australia.

A multi award-winning specialist in marketing services and website design for dental, medical and healthcare professional.


Website Engineer

Nissi Publishing / Website Support by Sandra Sii

Based in Australia & Malaysia