What Sandra Offers

Nutrition Info Sharing

Advice on Plate by Zumba Nutrition Program helps you achieve and maintain your recommended BMI without giving up your favourite foods. Sandra will guide you through understanding of nutritional values of certain foods. Best of all, it is completely natural, no supplements or slimming products required, and you don’t ever have to go hungry!

Weight Loss

Did you know one Zumba session burns up to 600-1000 calories? These metabolism booster sessions boast weight loss as a desirable outcome.

Mental Peace

Enjoy the goodness of endorphins releasing into your body after your Zumba workout. Do you know that Endorphins is the so called “happy” hormone that gives a positive impact on your emotional wellbeing.

Home training

Exercise from the comforts of your own home! Don’t have time to go to a physical class? Need a break from the kids? Prefer to exercise WITH your children? Sandra’s Zumba has you covered! With 24 hour online Zumba support, you can request a class at any time regardless of where you are. You can dance like nobody’s looking – literally!

Work/Life balance

Cultivating a holistic healthy lifestyle which will improve your sleep, diet, workout plan, mood, and confidence.

Workout Companion

How would you like a workout buddy? Expect some sharing and encouraging sessions as Sandra journeys with you. She can’t wait to tell you all about her own personal journey and how she has kept up her workout routines since 2016. 


In the future, Sandra plans to include healthy eating method as part of the service package in her membership system. On top of that, she also would like to offer helpful tips and information on emotional health, family, and marriage. She loves to coach her students to build up positive interpersonal relationship and holistic wellbeing.

You should know…

The membership system includes instructional videos on cultivating a healthy life, which are craftily prepared by Sandra with much love and effort, with the aim of coaching students to change their lives positively.

Health is priceless and it is one of the best gifts for the next generation.


Throughout the MCO (Movement Control Order) in Malaysia, Sandra’s students from both Malaysia and Australia have completed the 28 Days Everyday Zumba Challenge, which covered a total of 77 songs with her! Kudos to them! ️

This is to tell you that regular exercise is FUN! This marvelous workout program shall keep you going on as you get to experience different songs and movement steps everyday under the guidance of Sandra. 

This 40-minutes workout is not tough at all, but is definitely going to be an exciting activity for you! And, the plus point is, you CAN accomplish it , even if you are a newbie to Zumba.