Plate by Zumba

Plate by Zumba is a nutrition program promoting healthy eating for a healthy lifestyle.

Sandra will coach you with the general Plate by Zumba diet program to reach your nutrition goals using a new, simple and practical method of healthy eating.

Nutrition Plans…

Sandra is more than happy to share with you her successful story of maintaining a healthy BMI weight since more than 5 years ago.

Sandra is currently pursuing her studies in British ITEC Diet & Nutrition Certificate. The wonderful news is she will be graduating soon by the end of this year (2021). Again, this is also her passion to coach her students in planning healthy meals based on their normal diet.

Eat Right From Today

Advice on Plate by Zumba Nutrition Program for you to maintain a normal BMI while you can still savour your favourite food. No supplements or slimming products required, all you need is to consume fresh, healthy, and unprocessed food.