《ITEC UK Level 3 Certificate in Diet & Nutrition for Complementary Therapists》

Finally graduated! Eight months of study, five hours of class each time, five real case studies, it is really not easy. I always wanted to give up because I was so busy at work. It was Mr. Hannah Wong who always encouraged me to persevere and helped me to apply for a postpone in sending my case studies to the UK. I prepared all the reports by hand writing, and then ask my team to help with typing, because my eyes couldn’t stand typing thousands of words. Then there was the exam preparation, doing a lot of practice questions, looking at the notes in the past eight months, and finally there were only 25 questions. If you make a mistake, you will lose a lot of points. Because of the epidemic, British school allowed online exams for the first time, otherwise we would have to fly to West Malaysia for exams.

I hope that I can help you in the future in terms of diet control, with balanced and nutritious natural foods, to regain your health, keep your health, prevent diseases and relieve disease symptoms.
After completing this studies, I learned both obesity and the occurrence of various diseases are closely related to nutritional imbalance. Too much or too little can lead to various diseases.

《ITEC 英国饮食与营养辅助治疗师专业证书》
终于毕业了!八个月的学习,每次上课五个小时,五份真实案例报告,真的太不容易了。我一直都想放弃,因为工作太忙碌了。是Hannah Wong老师一直鼓励我坚持下去,帮我申请延迟寄报告到英国。所有报告我只能手写,再请团队帮忙打字,因为眼睛实在受不了打几千个字,这样慢慢熬过来,幸好得到老师的好评。然后就是预备考试,做很多的练习题,看八个月的资料,最终只考25题,错一题就失去很多分数。因为疫情所以英国学校第一次允许线上考试,不然还要飞到西马考试。