Sarawak Emerging Startup Entrepreneur Award 2020

Ms. Sandra Sii, Founder of Zumba by Sandra Sii, is a professional Zumba Fitness Coach. She is passionate about coaching her students in cultivating regular exercise and healthy eating habits. Through her trials and errors in the past, she feels compelled to correct the myths and misconception of many regarding healthy living.

To better serve her students from all ages more effectively, Sandra is equipped with Zumba License for All Ages and Zumba Healthy Eating Coach License from Australia since August 2018. Since then, she has served more than 260 students, conducted more than 360 physical classes via more than 180 songs. During the COVID-19 pandemic since March 2020, she has also moved her fitness coaching class to virtual sphere, offering more than 300 online courses.

In the past, Sandra poured out all her life to care for her family at the cost of ignoring her health and emotional stress. It was until she encountered marital problems, health issues, and poor self-image, then only she started to love herself and care for her own needs. With her professional practice in Zumba and healthy eating program, she hopes to help more and more students to live happy, healthy, confident, energetic, and restful days.

In recent years, she experienced the grief of losing a few of her family members and relatives who suffered long-term chronic diseases. She is fully aware of the importance of physical and mental health; thus, it becomes her great motivation to start up a health-related entrepreneurship. She believes in the natural healthy way for disease prevention. The students who joined her fitness classes are mostly housewives and working ladies, range from 20 to 60 years old, from Malaysia and Australia.

In her opinion, Zumba fitness course is the solution! Many give up their workout habit due to many obstacles such as lack of discipline or motivation, the pandemic, fatigue, family commitment, and so on. But Zumba fitness is tailored to be a better option even for beginners. Zumba Healthy Diet course aims to resolve unhealthy eating issues.

The Sarawak Startup Entrepreneur's Competition 2020

Sandra shared that the main reason for joining the competition is to get the tutor’s guidance on the weakness areas which she needs to improve, so that she may bring her business to greater height. Meanwhile, she gets to know more entrepreneurs from different fields. This gives her a good opportunity to learn from others as well. “If I can win the bonus, I will use it to develop an automated 24-hour service system and membership system to generate better income and to help more people to cultivate a healthy lifestyle.”, explained Sandra.

In the future, Sandra plans to include healthy eating method as part of the service package in her membership system. On top of that, she also would like to offer helpful tips and information on emotional health, family, and marriage. She loves to coach her students to build up positive interpersonal relationship and holistic wellbeing. The membership system includes instructional videos on cultivating a healthy life, which are craftily prepared by Sandra with much love and effort, with the aim of coaching students to change their lives positively. Health is priceless and it is one of the best gifts for the next generation.

砂拉越新晋企业家奖得奖者:KCH05 徐慧娟






Sandra希望从比赛中,包括上资深老师的课程,得以看到自己的盲点和可进步的空间。同时也认识各界人士,彼此学习。 “如果能赢得奖金,我将会用来开发自动化系统及会员系统,24小时提供服务和达到理想收入及帮助大家养成健康的生活方式。”


2020 Sarawak Startup Entrepreneur Competition Prize Giving Ceremony 2020年全砂创业大赛颁奖典礼 

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