Sandra has served more than 300+ students, conducted more than 500+ physical classes via more than 250+ songs since August 2018.

Studio Class in Malaysia:  AEON Mall Kuching, Level Up Fitness Xpress, Burn Baby Burn Studio

1-hour class every Monday 8:30pm, Friday 8:30pm & Sunday 7:30pm except public holidays.

Every 3rd Sunday 3:30pm – Christian Zumba



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Studio Class in Sydney, Australia: Chatswood 

No class until further notice, Sandra is currently in Malaysia.

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Sandra’s TikTok reached 15.4K Followers on 30 June 2023. Follow Sandra NOW!

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Sandra will coach you with the general Plate by Zumba diet program and British ITEC Diet & Nutrition program to reach your nutrition goals using a new, simple and practical method of healthy eating.

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V19 is now available for booking. This is a special playlist dedicated to you along with Sandra’s 400th Studio Class Celebration. Hope you will like it! After many months of preparation, now it is live!

44 seconds Demo

Take a 3, 5, 10 or unlimited classes package so you can get access to all 10+ different ZUMBA classes = 100+ different songs from Sandra.

A. 3 classes valid for 1 week
B. 5 classes valid for 2 weeks
C. 10 classes valid for 4 weeks
D. Unlimited classes valid for 4 weeks

Listen, now we have a problem! With the COVID-19 hit sky high, gyms and sport facilities have no choice but to close temporarily. We are to stay at home!

Sandra is offering a unique solution to you ~ stay-at-home Zumba workout program! During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sandra has moved her fitness coaching class to virtual sphere, offering more than 300 online courses.

Sandra has prepared virtual Zumba classes since March 2020, which was the beginning of the first phase lockdown in Malaysia. There are more than 100 songs with Zumba steps packaged as a stay-at-home Zumba workout program just for you! Truly, Zumba is an effective fun workout system, easy to follow, and incorporated with international music like Salsa, Merengue, Latin, Reggaeton, Cumbia, Pop songs, and Love & Romance songs.

How can you join with Sandra in this stay-at-home Zumba workout program?

It is so easy-peasy: all you need to do is just purchasing a class access pass from Sandra. With the link and password given to you, you can start moving your body over a fantastic Zumba workout session anytime right at the comfort of your home. The plus point is you can even do it together with your family. Sounds great, right? With the stay-at-home order in place, you can make your next Zumba workout as a GREAT FAMILY BONDING activity!

Being a passionate Zumba coach, Sandra has journeyed with students from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia in completing their 21-day or 28-day Zumba program. She has students who follow her Zumba workout program as young as 2 years old and as old as in their 60’s!

Should you be “absent” due to busyness or have not been requesting a class for quite some time, she will send you a gentle reminder. She will take note of your favourite classes/ playlists so that you may repeat those classes. She can even introduce similar classes according to your favourite playlists.

Come and join with Sandra in this stay-at-home Zumba workout program NOW! Start your Zumba journey with her now. There are few options of choice for you based on your capability.

1 Minute Demo

Cultivate Your Healthy Lifestyle in the Next 3 Weeks … NO Equipment Required, Stay At Home, Suitable For Lazy People Like Sandra!“ Start Your Zumba Challenge On The First Day of Next Month!!!`


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Sarawak Emerging Startup Entrepreneur Award 2020

Ms. Sandra Sii, Founder of Zumba by Sandra Sii, is a professional Zumba Fitness Coach. She is passionate about coaching her students in cultivating regular exercise and healthy eating habits. Through her trials and errors in the past, she feels compelled to correct the myths and misconception of many regarding healthy living.

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Sandra was one of the Kuching Team Presenters in Kuching Zumba Festival 2020.


Sandra was invited by Tunku Putra-HELP International School in Kuching to teach a 45-minute Zumba class on their Sport Day.